Hard drive has failed

My wife has an external HD which is seems to have failed and is not recognised on my PC, plugged in either or via the USB (So I ruled out the chip board being an issue). I believe has a seized platter motor from the faint beeping sound – Something I’m not able to fix myself! I wondered if you may be able to help recover the data from the hard drive and how much this would cost? If you could respond by email as I am usually unable to answer the phone at work that would be much appreciated.

Windows 7 Enterprise performed a ‘scan and repair‘ on a Western Digital usb HDD and removed large number of files and folders, some of which now in form of CHK files in FOUND folder. HDD contained backup of files from a Mac PowerBook. Can you provide a rough estimate of cost to investigate and (hopefully) recover?

I have a Western Digital WD5000AAKB and a part has broken inside. It is a plastic part that separates the actual discs inside. IS this something that you can supply?

My son has deleted a folder which is very important from my MAC and trash has already been emptied. Is there any way I can recover this file? http://data-recovery.postbit.com/ recommend I used Time Machine but I havent got Time Machine turned on or a back up so thats not an option.

I have a Samsung s7 edge plus and all the dat has been wiped off the phone. I would like as much data recovered as physically possible and at the end of the mobile unblocked.

I received your answer message but not the email. Perhaps I bashed it in too fast and misspelt it. Please can you email me again the details in your message.

Windows 10 wouldn’t boot, hard disk was accessible, then tried to restore system with installation media from USB, and disk would show as RAW to Windows instead of the usual NTFS

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